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Medical Lab Department


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Medical Lab Department

Medical laboratory department is a department which deals with the challenges related to medicine with laboratory Technologists performing complex, varied laboratory analysis by implementing critical thinking skills to determine the accuracy and validity of test results. They recognize the independence of testing information and possess the knowledge of physiology and pathologic conditions as a physician to support medical decisions. In diverse care settings, clinical laboratory scientists provide test results used by practitioners, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. It will help them diagnose the presence, extent, and causes of diseases, monitor therapy and causes of disease, monitor therapy, and evaluate testing protocols to ensure optimum and sage public health.

Medicine department at MTH clinic carries out laboratory examinations which are to diagnose and treat patient’s disease. The MTH clinic has 5 laboratories, including transfusion medicine, clinical microbiology, clinical physiology, and advanced medical laboratory.

Transfusion medicine laboratory:

This laboratory is working for the supply and donation of blood diseases; Physicians also carry out a test to check or establish transfusion compatibility amongst patients such as blood grouping, irregular antibody screening test, direct and indirect coombs test and cross-matching.

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory:

The chemistry lab deals with general blood, urine tests, and other biochemical tests by using different specimens related to blood, urine .cerebrospinal fluid, which help them diagnose and treat various diseases.

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory:

This laboratory provides a wide range of diagnostics services related to bacteriology, parasitology and mycobacteriology by using certain types of material such as sputum, pharyngeal mucus, stool, urine, blood and pus. Antibacterial susceptibility tests for pathogens are also performed in the clinical microbiology laboratory.

Clinical Physiology laboratory:

The Clinical Physiology department performs tests to evaluate the functional; ability of organs and systems. The division performs the following clinical physiology tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG) spirometry, audiometry and ultrasonography.

Advance medical laboratory: 

This type of laboratory deals with genetic tests to deal with genetic diseases such as inherited metabolic disorders, generic, skeletal disorders and congenital malformation syndrome.MTH clinic laboratory also performs screening related to lysosomal storage diseases and newborn screening for Pompe disease.

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