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Radiology Department

Radiology is basically a branch of medicine in which radiation is used to diagnose and treat disease . X rays, gamma rays, radioactive, ultrasounds wave, radioactive waves, isotopes and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging are usually used to cure medical imaging these days. Radiology is mostly used to treat cancer.

When Radiotherapy is given to the patient:

Radiologists use radiotherapy to cure Cancer:

It is also used to make other treatments effective such as it can be combined with chemotherapy and it is mostly used before surgery.

It is used to reduce the risk of cancer, also to cure symptoms. Use of radiology at right time is the most effective solution to cure cancer but it varies from person to person.

Types of Radiology:

Radiotherapy is given is several ways:

External radiotherapy: where a machine is used to purposely point light emanations at the harmful development

Brachytherapy: where small amounts of radioactive metal are (normally quickly) put inside your body near the harm

Radiotherapy injections: compartments or drinks (radioisotope treatment), where you swallow a radioactive liquid, or have it mixed into your blood 

Intrabeam radiotherapy: where radiation is passed on direct at the tumor during chest illness operation.

 Radiotherapy is commonly given in clinical facilities. You can for the most part get back not long after external radiotherapy, yet you may need to stay in a clinical center for two or three days if you have supplements or radioisotope treatment.

Large number of individuals have a couple of treatment gatherings, which are routinely spread all through a large portion of a month. 

Negative impact of radiotherapy on health:

Just as murdering disease cells, radiotherapy can harm some solid cells in the zone being dealt with. 

This can cause some results, for example,

  • Sore, red skin
  • Feeling tired
  • Hair loss
  • Sickness
  • Losing your hunger 
  • A sore mouth 
  • Diarrhea


A large number of these results can be dealt with or forestalled and most will pass after treatment stops. 

Outside radiotherapy doesn't make you radioactive, as the radiation goes through your body.

The radiation from inserts or infusions can remain in your body for a couple of days, so you may have to remain in a medical clinic and dodge close contact with others for a couple of days as a safety measure.

Before treatment start:

Deciding to have treatment 

If you're resolved to have sickness, you'll be pondered by a gathering of prepared experts. Your gathering will recommend radiotherapy if they trust it's the best option for you; anyway an authority decision is yours. 

Making this decision can be problematic. You may feel that it’s significant to make an overview out of requests to posture to your thought gathering. 

For example, you may have to get some data about:

  • what the purpose of treatment is – for example, is it being used to fix the infection, quiet your appearances or make changed drugs all the more impressive?
  • The possible outcomes and what should be conceivable to thwart or lighten them
  • How convincing radiotherapy is most likely going to be 
  • Whether or not some different medications could be endeavored in light of everything

In case you agree with your gathering's proposition, they'll start to plan your treatment at whatever point you have given your consent to treatment.

Planning your treatment:

Your treatment will be meticulously needed to ensure the most imperative possible bit is passed on to the illness, while avoiding damage to near to strong cells whatever amount as could sensibly be normal. 

  • You will probably have a CT yield to working out exactly where the illness is and how tremendous it is. 
  • After the scope, some little anyway enduring ink engravings may be made on your skin to ensure the right area is centered on correctly each time. 
  • In the event that you're having radiotherapy to your head or neck, a plastic cover will be made for you to wear during treatment. The ink engravings will be made on the cover.
  • Radiotherapy is for the most part given step by step the greater part a month. 
  • Before treatment starts, your thought gathering will make a course of action that graphs: 
  • The sort of radiotherapy you'll have 
  • The number of treatment gatherings you'll require

A large number of individuals have 5 drugs each week. In any case, now and again treatment may be given more than once every day or all through the week's end. 

Your PCP may consider each segment a "division", notwithstanding the way that the articulation "investment" is sometimes used to show the number of crisis facilities visits you'll need to make during treatment. 

Issues during treatment

Pregnancy and contraception


  • Women should keep away from getting pregnant while having radiotherapy, as the treatment could hurt the newborn child.
  •  Use an effective procedure for contraception, for instance, a condom, and contact your thought bunch quickly if you figure you may be pregnant. 
  • Men having radiotherapy may on occasion be urged to use contraception during treatment and maybe for some time from that point.
  • Macmillan has more information about sex during threat treatment.

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