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Urology Department

In simple words, urology deals with diseases related to men and women's urinary tract. They are dealing with male productive organ issues such as penis, scrotum, testes and prostate. Urologists, also known as a surgical specialty, also deal with gynecology, pediatrics and other health care issues.

Causes to cure urology:

There are many conditions cure by urologist:


Cancer is one of the conditions which affect urology such as prostate and bladder cancer. High-grade cancer can affect these organs more. The common symptoms are the presence of blood in the urine. The treatment given to patients also varies according to cancer symptoms and grade. Many causes of it are smoking, dyes, paints and solvents.

Prostate cancer:

This condition mostly occurs in males. The symptoms are similar to prostatic hyperplasia and treatment and may monitor or revolutionize prostate-specific antigen levels. The urologist uses different treatment to the grade of cancer and extent of spread.


Testicular is the most painful condition of urology. Strangulation of the gonadal blood supply because of twisting of the spermatic cord is painful and dangerous. Torsion also represents different conditions such as scrotal edema. Treatments to cure this condition include manual unwinding of the twisted testicle, but this process is excruciating. This condition is cured by surgery.


Urethritis is also one of the severe conditions which are found anywhere along the urethral tract. This is also one common condition that occurs due to acute inflammation caused by a sexually transmitted disease. This may again happen because unprotected sexual encounters may help indicate pathology.  Urethritis symptoms include urination, itching, painful, yellow and brown discharge, or heaviness in men's genitals. Treatment of this condition is tailored and often involves a course of antibiotics. Common antibiotics symptoms include azithromycin, ceftriaxone, Ciprofloxacin and doxycycline.

Mth clinic urology experts:

Mth clinic practice is the best in diagnosing and treating urology issues. They are dealing with male and female urinary tract problems and deal with male reproductive organs. To cure these issues related to fertility and treating kidney stones to treat incontinence. MTH clinic urology experts are the best in dealing with all aspects.

MTH clinic has experts and professional staff who have experienced and specialized surgical training. Our experts and highly skilled team are specialized in dealing with other departments such as medicine, gynecology, geriatrics and oncology to deal and help patients by giving them highly individualized care.

MTH clinic experts in the department of Urology are also research experts. They are enhancing their capability to offer the most advanced treatments to patients. This clinic introduces many novel approaches to cure patients who become the current standard of care.

What is MTH offering?

Mth clinic team and experts are equipped with modern gadgets and machinery to diagnose and treat techniques.

The Mth clinic has a strong command on dealing with urology disease which focuses on building newer and many innovative options to deal and improve patient outcomes and quality of life by helping them in treating problems and issues faced by patients.

Mth clinic researchers are actively doing research to deal with a wide range of urology conditions such as:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Kidney cancer
  • Kidney stones
  • Pediatric urology
  • Reconstructive urology
  • Testicular cancer
  • Urinary incontinence

At Mth clinic, you will get lifesaving, life extending and life improving care to their patients of all ages.MTH clinic prefers that patients have full access to a full range of treatment. We have a team of experts who are also collaboratively working with other urology professionals to provide each patient's best outcome.

Services offered by the clinic:

Mth clinic department of Urology offers many services such as:

Urologic oncology:

Urology oncology deal with issues related to kidney cancer, prostate and bladder cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, penile cancer, ureteral and renal pelvic cancers, retroperitoneal pelvic sarcomas, Wilms tumours and many other cancers.,

Pediatric urology:

This service deals with urologic conditions in kids and children. We are dealing with voiding dysfunction, reconstruction of the urinary tract, urologic cancers, and correct urinary tract congenital disabilities.


This service deals with fertility preservation and restoration issues such as penile reconstruction related to invasive and noninvasive therapies to cure erectile dysfunction.

Endourology and stone disease:

This service will provide urologists to those suffering from invasive and non-invasive kidney stone management and deal with urinary tract stone.

Neurourology and reconstructive urology

In the MTH clinic, urologists deal with urinary conditions such as trauma and the urinary tract's injury.

Men's health-related conditions:

This service is designed to cure men health-related conditions and issues such as benign prostatic, hyperplasia, voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence and prostate cancer screening and prevention.

Women's health-related conditions:

The Mth clinic also deals with women's health conditions faced by female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery such as urinary and pelvic organ prolapse conditions of women.


Mth clinic urologists diagnose and treat problems found in the female and male urinary tract and reproductive organs. Urologists work with the team of expert's doctors and train team members to determine the most appropriate treatment for individual needs,

MTH clinics offer many surgical services and procedures, including but not limited to those listed below.

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